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Welcome to Universal Skating Academy

established in 2001. Currently it has 500 team members including children in various Age group 4 yrs to 20 yrs and for Basic to Advance levels.

Why learn Skating :

Skating increases height, stamina and strength with fun and joy. It increases concentration power of skaters because if they don’t concentrate they fall thus keeping their mind sharp and alert.

Falling :

Although it is not possible to learn swimming without gulping some water, similarly In skating skaters do fall while skating, but very rarely reason is that we have developed a technique over a period of 13 years of skating teaching experience, wherein lessons are made very systematic, scientific & step by step to make skating a joyful sport to learn.

Basic Level Skating :

This is wherein beginners learn skating, using all available techniques taught by our coaches. Patience is key to learn skating. We have many step by step lessons which teach beginners right from simple tasks like wearing skates, standing on skates, turn, brakes to speed skating.

Advance Level Skating :

Advance level skating will prepare skaters for different tricks and tools in skating. In Advance level we prepare students for competitions physically and mentally. Students who have completed basic skating , can directly enroll for Basic II and Advance level skating Course. Since there is lot to learn in skating , only knowing basic skating is not enough, there are many tricks and tools involved in making a professional skater.

Why do we all like skating ?

It is a lot of fun and it also has huge fitness benefits. There are some general benefits to it which include: reduced coronary risk, weight loss, stress release, improved body composition (decreased fat tissue), increased bone strength, social contacts, a feeling of vigour, improved sleep, and a feeling of empowerment by feeling in control of your body. There are some specific advantages that include: cardiovascular- strengthening, muscle toning, calorie burning, developing better balance, coordination, and agility, and finally, it is low impact on the joints! Now wait a minute, how can one sport do so much and still so much fun.

Universal Skating Academy is a Roller Skating team established in 2001.



Universal Skating Academy is a Roller Skating team established in 2001. Currently it has 500 team members including children in various Age group 4 yrs to 20 yrs and for Basic to Advance levels. Since its foundation, this team has produced State, District and National level Competitors and Champions. Trained by Mr.Sanket Kashikar, who has his own league of medals and achievements in this sport, this team has emerged as one of the finest in Roller skating In India.We at universal are always willing to give best training .

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“My son joined this academy 3 years ago and since then he has progressed to the semi advance stage under the guidance of Sanket Sir. He has becomes a good skater and more importantly a fair sportsman.”

- Vidya Naik

“ I have been associated with this academy for the last 6 months, my daughter has developed wonderful skating skills as the coaches pay good attention to each individual. I would say Universal Academy is great for people who are into roller skates.”

- Sejal Jha

-“ I think this is one of the best skating academy in Thane. Most of the good skaters in thane are form this academy. My daughter has been learning how to skate for the past 2 years. It has been a good experience so far as she is getting really good at skating and has won many races as well. This time she is aiming for states and nationals. Also, this Academy’s head coach Sanket sir is one of the best coach in thane. With students coming all over from thane, Sanket sir shares a good experience for kids learning skating here. Just finished with the racing season and our academy kids performed really well with over 20 kids winning in Thane City.”

- Rahul Nair

-“ It's Good Academy.My child had joined a year back and now doing well.Also the korum mall basement place is now we'll maintained.Coach has pretty good idea about skating and overall scenario of game.All sub coaches really train well , heart out.Nice and copeerative team. Small request to all parents , don't just put your kid for fun sake , it's important u ask coach details and get into this game.This year skating is in Asian games. ”

- Rajan Mishra